Drug Blaster!

Fast paced, risk taking, tapping action.  

Do you cash in now or can you get that new highscore?

Blast away the drugs in this fast paced risk taking tapper.  If they get you, you get nothing, but if you cash out you keep your spoils. It's not how long you can last, it's how long you think you can last. Do you have the !&$?!! to go further or will you !@&$&! out?

The pills are different speeds and get faster the longer you go on.

But tap enough away and you blast them all... until they spawn more.

You can be revived, if you can afford an Antidote. Buy with earned coins or as an in-app purchase.

Developed by BDKCreate at
Lead Developer: Brian Kane

Asset Credits
Unity3D -
Playmaker -
Inventory Pro -
EasySave2 -

Available NOW in Apple App Store and Google Play Store



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Math Quizer


Math Quizer was the first app I built, it was my class final project.  I went on to build and publish HexagonApp over Christmas break, that summer I took some time to polish MathQuizer and add iAds for MathQuizerAds.

Math Quizer is an math quizzing app. 

Apple App Store: 



Yes, I know thats not how you spell quizzer.

Premium Published: June 10, 2013

Ads Published: June 18, 2013

Premium Updated: December 21, 2014

Ads Updated: January 8, 2015


HexagonApp was my first ever published iOS app.  I built it during my Christmas break in 2012.  It grew out a java game I had made for my 4 yr old niece.  I very reasonably called it the circle game, but the 2 yr old decided it was the hexagon game.  She does the voice and it took my burgeoning audio engineering skills to slice parallelogram together.  I don't know why 4 yr. olds would have trouble with such a small simple word. 

While the app was aimed at those first learning their shapes and colors, I have found even adults with masters degrees in nursing education and JD's learn that cyan is indeed a color! Sorry, my parents, said nurse and lawyer, didn't know the color cyan. A Nurse! Cyanosis ANYONE!

Have fun if you go check this out.



Published: January 24, 2013

Updated: January 28, 2015