BDKCreate specializes in the rapid development of 3D software creating demo videos, interactive prototypes and MVP to bring your vision into reality.

Demo videos and interactive prototypes show potential investors and customers that your vision has already taken its first steps into reality.

Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) allows you to start play/market testing quickly. And provides a solid foundation for growth.

With a decade of prototyping and development experience BDKCreate will rapidly transform your vision into a testable product.

If you are ready to bring your vision into reality, please fill out this form for a quote.

Main Products

  • Demo Videos to pitch or market test your vision

  • Prototype for play and market testing your vision

  • MVP the very foundations upon which your vision rests

Interested in

  • Educational: Both formal and workplace

  • VR/AR: In the next 10 years AR will transform how we work

  • Unity Tools: Build the tools your artists need

Sample Projects

Pangaea Grid Demo

Created a tech demo video for potential investors and customers to realize the power of Pangaea’s voxelization technology.  

  • 30 second teaser, partnered with Truthian video production

  • 5 min demo video of interactive prototype

  • Interactive Prototype

Timeframe: 2 weeks concentrated (deadline == pitch meetings)
Pangea Grid is under development by

ISS VR Experience

Created a MVP of zero-gravity exploration of ISS.  Built for google cardboard all interaction is one button and head tracking.

Timeframe: 1 week


What’s this going to cost?

Depends on the complexity of the project, the deliverables desired and if there's a time crunch. Quote’s are based on estimated time, asset costs and licensing fees. Fill out this form for a project quote.

What’s the difference between a demo, prototype and MVP?

Great question, read this article.

My Project isn't like your interested projects?

No problem that’s the short list of interests.  Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you.

What if I need the full Version 1 developed?

No problem, we’ll do a contract for the MVP then renew with the Version 1 proposal.  Fill out this form and indicate your interest in the version 1 product quote as well.

Do I get the source code?

Yes, plus the licenses required for the source code. Deliverables are NOT open source.

I need a demo video in X weeks because I have a pitch meeting. Can you do it?

Depends on the current workload and the time frame required.  Fill out this form and mark as urgent.

How long will my project take?

Depends fill out this form to get a quote.  Demo videos are the quickest to create and for very simple projects can be created within a week or two.

What projects will you reject?

Illegal projects and projects that fall well outside our domain (ie. website).

What’s your tech stack?

Unity3D is the foundation with other add on tech such as SQLite used as required.