Pangaea Grid

Pangaea Innovations utilizes patent pending technology to create a 3D Voxelized database to bring digital worlds to life.

BDKCreate took their current pre-alpha tech and created a 30 second demo video, 5 min demo video and playable demo.

Voice over and Video Production were done by Truthian a Multi Media Publishing Company.

VR ISS Worst Case

VR Experience moving around the International Space Station. ISS Model from NASA's website.

Built for Google VR (Cardboard and Daydream)

User controls single button and gaze location by head tracking.

Title Image and model are from NASA

Background from Unity Asset Store


iPhone: Apple Test Flight (Expired)


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Fire Maze Demo


Escape the maze and avoid dying by the fire.

This is a game demo showcasing my object movement scripts in Unity3D.

Available for Download on:

Built for Mac with XBox Controller



  • Unity 3D

Assets Used:

RPG Demo 001

This is a Demo of an RPG Character Controller I made in my early days with Unity. I have since remade the whole controller with a much more robust modular set up. that set up allowed me to add and configure the character controller for my Pangea Grid Demo in next to no time.

I have a video of me playing, edited down to ~30 seconds