Drug Blaster! Intro

      Drug Blaster! is a fast paced risk taking tap survival game.  Pills rush towards you.  You must tap them away.  But if even one gets by you, your done for. Literally done for, you get a score of 0 with 0 coins to buy 0 life savers.  But if you cash in then you get your score and your coins.  How long will you last, do you risk it all or are you slow and steady.  


Stylistically correct, just need to spice things up with a coat of polish and some finishing touches.  This sort of graphic editing I will be able to do myself.



  • Platform: Mobile, iOS first then Android 
  • Engine IED: Unity with MonoDevelop
  • Inputs: Tap Touch
  • Graphically:
    • 3D with a fixed angle 1st person view
    • Shiny low poly colorful ( see demo pics and video)
  • Business Model: In-App Purchases
    • LifeSaver: Will need to work out economics of price point, Get X Lifesavers for Tier 1 ($0.99) 
      • Will allow you to recover from a hit and get back to it, like keys in "Subway Surfer"
  • Version 1.0
    • In-App Purchase
    • iOS port
    • Pills of 2-4 shapes with 2-4 colors
    • Gameplay
      • Tap pills to destroy them
      • If hit pop up 5-10 sec spend lifesaver screen
      • Tap cash in button to end and cash in
      • Start and buy lifesaver UI features