Black, White, Gray || Lies, Truth, Perspective

     Looking out over all the world and knowledge and wisdom, people argue if right and wrong are black and white or shades of grey.  This of course, depends on your perspective.  I don't believe in looking at things with a single perspective, but in examining them as fully, from as many angles as I am capable of. (This ties into my frameworks of is how see).  If you are looking over at a very high level, everything does indeed look black and white, but if you start to zoom into the middle view you can see that they are actually made up of shades of grey. Those white(truth) sections are just light grey and those black(lies) are darker grays. But if you zoom in again, to the pixel level, it reveals that there are three colors of pixels. White, black, and alpha(empty). By combining these into larger sections it gives the appearance of greys. But the truth and lies and empties are so mixed up in most things that separating the truth out is the work of a lifetime. So with each pass you can only get closer to the truth. But that is the worthwhile endeavor.  Sometime those sections you thought were full of great truth end up being a few truths with a lot of empties.  The lack of the black tricked you into thinking it was full of truth. 

      By closely examining things we can learn truths from everything. So instead of taking something wholesale from another, pull those truths you can find out of it. Build your knowledge and never be afraid to go back and re-examine what you have for those lies you missed. This is how I  proceed.  I know my current knowledge base is full of lies and empties and I endeavors to always refine and improve myself.  So never be surprised if I change my mind on a subject because it is the result of constant study and improvements.